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Spruce and Cedar Acoustic Guitar Soundboards

Since 1996 Timbre Tonewood has shipped millions of acoustic guitar and mandolin soundboards

Timbre Tonewood manufactures musical instrument components from wood. While the company has been focusing recently on maple, our primary product for 15 years has been solid guitar and mandolin soundboards made from Spruce and Cedar.


We specialize in two tonewood species growing in Western Canada; Sitka Spruce and Western Red Cedar. Every tonewood log is handpicked.


Are you are a custom builder striving to build the perfect guitar with a true Master grade soundboard? Or a major guitar company requiring thousands of single "A" grade guitar soundboards? Timbre Tonewood can offer consistent quality at every grade and price level.


Timbre Tonewood's soundboard sawing centers are custom built so that each billet can easily be aligned in the sawing process to yield "quarter grain" or "vertical grain" boards.


Cutting soundboards "on the quarter" is essential to capture the "radial" structure of the wood, which radiates out from the center of the tree like the spokes of a wheel. A true soundboard is cut so spokes or medulary rays of the wood pass through the board from one edge to the other parallel to the surface.


Billets being cut into soundboards must be constantly repositioned so the saw runs parallel to the "spokes." A soundboard that has been cut on the quarter so as to capture the radial structure will exhibit a glimmering effect on the surface. This effect is referred to as "silking" or "medulary rays". A board that is cut on quarter is stiff across the board, which is another quality highly valued by luthiers.